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Windows 10 1709 is not Installing – What are the Causes and How to Fix the Problem

Windows 10 1809 is the latest version of Windows 10. People who are running Windows 10 1709 were likely to have encountered the problems with upgrading to 1809.

Windows 10 1709 is a fantastic update to the operating system. The only problem with this update is that it can be a bit inconvenient. The media creation tool, Win10 setup files, and the Windows 10 DVD are all great ways to install it.

However, these methods may not work for all people due to hardware limitations or an older version of Windows. The below solutions are some of the most popular.

If you are using a USB drive, hard disk or DVD drive for installing, try using that media for installing Windows 10 1809 instead. If it does not work, try installing from an optical disc of Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. If it still doesn’t work, visit Microsoft website and download ISO files that can be used to install windows directly from a DVD or USB drive too.

What is happening with the Installation of Windows 10 1709?

The new version of Microsoft’s most popular operating system, Windows 10, was released on October 2nd. This new release brought a lot of changes and upgrades to users and here are some that you may be interested in:

– The Fluent Design System for Windows which gives users a more modern look and feel along with bringing clarity to actions;

– New features such as Timeline, Sets, Secure Folder Sharing via NFC;

– Improvements in keyboard shortcuts;

– Microsoft Edge now has a full dark theme.

Windows 10 1709 Not Installing – Possible Solutions

Windows 10 1709 is not installing correctly. You might have tried the below mentioned solutions but none has worked for you. Here are the possible solutions to fix the issue.


  1. Run system restore on your computer: Run command prompt as administrator, type in “System Restore” and press Enter key. Choose a point in time where everything was working fine and click next on the wizard window to restart your computer from that point.
  2. Update drivers on your computer: Update all the drivers that might be missing or out of date, if you are using a laptop then update your battery as well (Note: this can also be done by running System Restore).
  3. Install all updates available: This is because many updates have been released after Windows 10 1709 was released. Microsoft really likes to release new features and program updates every few months, so it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes.

How to Fix Windows 10 1709 Installation Issues and Other Major Problems

The 1709 version of Windows 10, released on October 17th, had lots of problems that prevented users from installing. This article will tell you how to fix these installation issues and other major problems.

Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft Update Assistant.

Step 2: Run the Microsoft Update Assistant as administrator.

Step 3: Restart your computer.

Step 4: After restart, run Windows Update again and check for updates. If you still don’t have any updates, restart your computer again and check again in a few hours.