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Why Does Your Dog Lick the Floor?

Dog licking the floor has a few meanings. Some people interpret it as a sign of submission, others as a way to show affection. But whatever the meaning, it is clear that dogs do not have an aversion to licking the floor.

In this article, we will explore why dogs lick the floor. We will also provide some tips on how you can prevent your dog from licking the furniture excessively and inappropriate places as well as what you should do if your dog does lick something inappropriate or other items in your home.

What is the Reason That Your Dog Lick the Floor?

The majority of dog owners are puzzled with the reason that their dogs lick the floor. The truth is, it is not their fault. There are actually a number of reasons why dogs do this.

They may be licking around to mark territory or because they have an anxiety disorder. They might also be doing it because they have an illness or even ingesting something toxic on the floor. If you want to know more about why your dog licks floors, read further in this article.

Even though dogs licking floors might seem like an instinct, there are a lot of reasons why dogs lick the floor. Some of the most common reasons that your dog might be licking the floor are:

  1. It’s a natural instinct for your pet to clean its teeth and gums by licking the ground.
  2. Your dog might be scared and is trying to calm down by lapping their tongue at their paws and body.
  3. Your dog may want to play and get acquainted with you or new people in your life before they get too comfortable or trust you fully

4) It helps them cool down after a walk

5) They think it’s cleaner than their water bowl

6) Some dogs feel the need to protect their territory

7) They may simply be bored or looking for something to do

8) Other dogs lick the floor as a show of dominance

Best Practices to Stop Dogs from Licking the Floor

There are some ways to stop your dog from licking the floor. The first is to create an attractive location for your dog to eat, such as a large food dish with water available nearby. Another option is to get a mat that your dog can only lick, but not eat up.

The best practices for stopping your dog from licking floors include keeping floors dry and clean, keeping the area out of view of the dogs mouth, using non-toxic products that can be safely ingested by dogs, and keeping appliances turned off when not in use.

In order to keep dogs away from the floor, it’s best to put down a non-toxic alternative that they can lick but not eat up. There are also mats which you can put down on hard surfaces so they cannot slip.


Dogs have been known to lick the floor from time to time. There are a variety of reasons why dogs may do this. Some of the most common reasons are: it is a sign of curiosity, stress relief, or boredom.

The bottom line is that there are multiple reasons why dogs lick the floor and it is important to know if your dog is licking the floor for any particular reason so you can act accordingly.