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Sanji Wanted Poster from Anime One Piece

The Sanji Wanted Poster from One Piece is one of the most iconic posters in anime. The design of the poster is simple and it is easy to understand. It has been a huge success in Japan and many countries outside Japan.

The Sanji Wanted Poster from One Piece was created by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. He drew pictures with an ordinary pencil, which he then scanned into his computer to send to production company Production I.G for their computer graphics team to create a 3D model for the poster and a digital version for printing (Wikipedia).

Who is Sanji in Anime One Piece?

Sanji was introduced as a cook in One Piece. His role in the anime is to serve his crew members and provide them with food.

He is usually seen wearing a white chef coat, and always has his arm around a female companion, who he’s generally shown flirting with. Sanji’s cooking techniques are also very creative, often using fruits and vegetables that other chefs might not have thought of using before.

Sanji is one of the most notorious pirates on the Grand Line due to his violent temper and reckless behavior, although he has been shown to be rather intelligent in some cases.

Sanji Wanted Poster Before 2 Years

After the events that happened in the East Blue, Luffy and his crew were finally able to escape from their desperate situation. However, now that he was safe, the question was what to do with all of the bounty hunters who chased them around for most of their life.

This is a Sanji Wanted Poster Before 2 Years. The character on this poster is actually only two years old which makes it possible for readers to imagine how he looked before he left his hometown.

Sanji Wanted Poster After 2 Years

As a new Sanji Wanted Poster was released after 2 years, it is interesting to see what some of the posters have in common. This time around, there are more anime characters on the poster.

Some of the similarities include: all 5 of them are boys. All 5 of them have black eyes and black hair. All 5 of them wear sunglasses, even though Sanji’s hat has no sunglasses on it.

Sanji Wanted Only Alive Poster

Sanji Wanted Only Alive Poster is a piece of propaganda created by the Galactic Empire. The poster was designed and published in an attempt to discourage any members of the rebellion from pursuing their objectives.

The poster makes reference to Sanji’s well-known weaknesses, including his perceived cowardice and gullibility.


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Sanji Wanted Poster in Black and White

Sanji’s Wanted Poster was created by Akira Toriyama and published in Weekly Shonen Jump #51, the first shōnen manga magazine in Japan. It was released on May 22nd, 1989.


This poster is a comedy example of the “wanted” posters that were common in comic books at the time. The text of the poster includes a lot of puns and wordplay alluding to the silliness of such posters.